An impressive pattern snakes through Becklin Vineyards showing its unique mix of Jory and volcanic Nekia soil. The crop offers numerous possibilities for winemakers as they aspire to make the next best red or stunning rose’ that drinks well for years.

“Something that still catches my breath at Becklin Vineyard, is the incredibly close view of Mt Hood, Mt. Adams, and Mt Saint Helens. You feel like you could reach out and touch them. Combine that with the natural moderate yields of the vineyard and the close proximity to the Gorge, and you have a real winner!”
Results Partners Vineyard Manager Evan Bellingar

Soil Constitution: See soil map

  • Jory silty clay loam (66%)
  • Nekia silty clay loam (27%)
  • Cornelius silt loam (4%)
  • Saum silt loam (3%)

12.1 acres total acres comprised of 3 blocks. See clone map

  • 5.51 acres of Pinot Noir Dijon 115
  • 4.5 acres of Pinot Noir Dijon 777
  • 2.1 acres of Pinot Noir Pommard

Average yield = 2.86 tons per acre.

Farmed in accordance with LIVE guidelines.

Site allows for hand-picked or machine harvesting.

Contracts available by the ton or acre.